These are the best Polkadot wallets you need to use to receive, store, send, buy, stake DOT, blockchain? Best DOT wallet s native cryptocurrency.

What is Polkadot?
Best Polkadot (DOT) Wallets What is Polkadot blockchain and DOT cryptocurrency
Polkadot is a blockchain with a mission to allow better cross-chain communication and interoperability between blockchains.

Polkadot allows the creation of smart contracts, new blockchains and tokens. It?s protocol is also upgradeable thus avoiding hard forks.

Polkadot is also solving the issues of the first and second generation of blockchains ? scalability.

Best Polkadot DOT Wallets in 2021
This is the set of the very best Polkadot DOT cryptocurrency wallets in 2021 you need to use to safely manage DOT cryptocurrency. As for the safety hardware wallets and their possible integration with the software wallets are always the best option.

Ledger Nano X (Hardware wallet ? Desktop and Mobile)
Best Polkadot DOT Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021 Ledger Nano X hardware wallet
Polkadot DOT is among just a couple of coins which have a privilege be staked directly from one of the best hardware wallets today ? Ledger Nano X.

So you are not just able to keep your Polkadot coins fully safe but additionally stake it using Ledger Live and earn passive income ? without using third party software wallets.

What is a hardware wallet you can study from this article.

You can utilize Ledger Nano X on both Desktop and Cellular devices (Bluetooth connection). It supports over 1500+ coins and tokens along with Polkadot.

For more information about Ledger Nano X use the official website.

TokenPocket Wallet (Mobile)
Best Polkadot DOT Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021 TokenPocket
TokenPocket is a mobile wallet (iOS and Android) with over 1 million downloads just on Google Play store. You are able to easily create Polkadot wallet receive and send DOT but also swap it for other cryptocurrencies.

You are also able to stake DOT utilizing the TokenPocket wallet by bonding your DOT coins and choosing a validator.

SafePal Wallet (Mobile)
Best Polkadot DOT Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021 SafePal Wallet
SafePal is available for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to receive, store, and send Polkadot (DOT) also in a safe manner!

SafePal has it?s own hardware wallet SafePal S1 ($39.99). The hardware wallet development is backed up by Binance Labs ? 100% offline cold-storage using air-gapped signing and self-destruct mechanism!

You are also able to swap DOT for other cryptocurrencies and the other way around really fast.

Guarda Wallet (Desktop, Mobile, Browser Extension, Web wallet)
Best Polkadot DOT Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021 Guarda Wallet
Guarda is really a multicurrency wallet you can use to manage Polkadot. Due integrated fast exchange and well adjusted fees when sending coins is among my favorite wallets so it has it?s own article.

It?s available as Desktop, Mobile, Browser Extension and Web wallet.

Guarda supports over 50 blockchains and 10 000 tokens that reside on them.

Math Wallet (Mobile and Browser extension)
Best Polkadot DOT Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021 Math Wallet
Math wallet supports 20+ blockchains including Polkadot.

It supports Google Chrome and Firefox browser extensions and mobile: iOS and Android devices.

Very innovative wallet with the ambitious team behind it.

To get more information utilize the official website.